North Queensbury Fire Co.

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John Aust book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                      Karl Dutcher book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Jeff Baertschi (CHIEF) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                Hahnah Saroff (Jr. Firefighter) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Mackenzie Baertschi  (Jr. Firefighter)book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                    Randy Bardin book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Vernon Burkhart (SECRETARY) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                           James Mooney book2.gif (1625 bytes)

                              book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                                         book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Rodger Kearns  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                Pete Smith  book2.gif (1625 bytes)  

Peter Carr (L/O) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                       Joel Clugstone book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Paul Callahan book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                            Waite Cowles  book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Chris Crandall (BOD) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                          Dan Davies (L/O) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Ruben Ellsworth book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                       Howard Fischer book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Larry Fischer book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                        Pete Fraser (Vice President) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Scott Fraser (FP)  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                        Pete Frederick book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Frank Galle, Jr.  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                  Frank Galle, Sr. (FP) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Greg France (L/O)  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                        Hal Halliday book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Kenneth Luke (FP) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                         Jim Mooney book2.gif (1625 bytes)

John Hodgkins (Treasurer) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                        Fred Mckinney (BOD) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

John Owen  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                              Jim Schoonover (BOD)  book2.gif (1625 bytes)

John Shahay (CHAPLAIN) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                        Frank DeNardo (L/O) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Raymond Kraft book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                             Dennis Buher book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Todd Mahoney  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                          Chris Swinton book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Heath Fraser  book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                  Jon Halliday book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Kirstie DiBella book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                 John Howlett book2.gif (1625 bytes)

John Jarosz book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                   Jim Fitzgerald book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Michael Fischer book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                           Mark McLeod  book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Lee Pike (BOD) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                                                          book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Paul Schonewolf(BOD) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                Ed Baertschi  book2.gif (1625 bytes)

John Labourr (President) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                        Evan Donegan book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Joe Talarski (FP) book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                                  Russell Smith (BOD) book2.gif (1625 bytes)

Jim Schoonover lll    book2.gif (1625 bytes)                                                         Maya Rescue Dog    book2.gif (1625 bytes)